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natureandnudity asked:

Anxious, intrigued, and nervous. If you have time, I would love a read. I've enjoyed your insights. Thank you. Root: under-active (0%) Sacral: open (31%) Navel: open (31%) Heart: open (62%) Throat: open (44%) Third Eye: open (38%) Crown: open (50%)


hi, nothing to be nervous about, u are super balanced. =) you have a high connection with higher dimensions of consciousness (Crown) it’s very likely that ur intuition is very powerful and u probably communicate with Guides/Angels/fairies, so u get loads of new surprises throughout ur path. you have a high appreciation for human life, and probably exist to help guide them back into Nature.I get a sense that Gaea is a very close friend that helps you by rebooting ur conscience . you are an artist, and express a very intense Love for others. you are very loving to the point that u probably dedicate ur live to helping others. in ur line of work u help others on a daily basis, u probably have an interest for volunteer work, as a form of making ur life a contribution to a higher cause.I feel u r connected with general r very open to sexuality and can probably ease others into accepting different body shapes as a way of accepting themselves. I feel you should take more walks outside (parks etc) but with a release in mind. since the lowest is Root it just means u should meditate more (but nothing to be concerned because most people here have way lower scores). Thank you for helping spread the love and being a warrior for our planet =)

These readings are free, but if you resonate with what I said you are welcome to use the Donate button, so I can take new Channeling/Healing workshops and we can all evolve together, or you can just go to my SHOP and get a awesome new poster or postcard made with my artwork for your room =)

To my followers-

I know this is not the normal posts of beautiful bodies in nature, however, I don’t put much of my personal stuff on here and indulge me as I share some part of the person behind the curtain. I am amazed, thrilled and so happy to have this reading by strangelfreak. I have been following his blog and enjoying his wonderful insights and healing he does for others. If you’re at all into learning about yourself, or enjoy some great artistic works there is ample for you to enjoy there.

I teared up when I got this. Emotionally unstable? I don’t think so. It’s more like enlightenment and confirmations of things I feel or do and having it placed before me, touching parts of your soul. […by now only a few are still reading this while the rest are enjoying scrolling through their dashboard. That’s okay.]

I have felt uneasy lately and requested a reading. Uneasy may be placing it lightly. I have been unemployed by my own doings. My profession has been overseeing districts in both retail and restaurants where I constantly am involved with coaching people to their potential and have been recognized as a top performer in several companies always giving credit to my team. However, my conscience doesn’t allow me to be the arrogant bully that so many leaders today feel they must see to get results. Self termination and feeling undervalued. I’ve been the liaison for heading up volunteering. I say some of this not to boast/brag but to share its connection to the reading and my struggles. […by now I’m losing the rest of you.]

I believe that there is good in all people and people can do far more than they know when you provide them a safe environment and guide with love and encouragement. Lead from the heart and you will find the results to be astonishing. […by now am losing me]

Thank you if you made it this far in my personal ramblings. My apologies if you see this again since I will post also to peacelovenudity, Last, thank you strangelfreak for your time and efforts and I encourage you all to visit his blog for his insight and artwork.

Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go bare, share & visit the archives.

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