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Nudity and Children - Children do not have a problem going without clothes. As a parent in a nudist/nudist family we need to explain to them and show them through example that they need to respect the beliefs/opinions/lifestyles of people who are not nudists and not be without their clothes at other inappropriate times.  They must understand it is acceptable to be nude at home or in a nudist/nudist environment, but not everywhere they go.  And most important we must explain to them they should not associate being nude to being sexually stimulated, and acting inappropriately to the opposite sex. That way they grow up to be a good nudist.

 “A child who has never been allowed to see his parents and brothers and sisters naked sees nudity as something shocking. Children will only have a sense of their bodies as something ‘good’ if they receive much tenderness and devotion from their parents from birth. In order to enjoy sex fully, it is necessary to enjoy one’s own body naturally. 

_—Dr. Marilyn Fithian, Show Me (via arizonavichi)

Fithian was co-author of Nudist Society, with William Hartman and Donald Johnson (aka John Ball, author of In the Heat of the Night).

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Love it. Well said and a beautiful display of photos. We raised our family to be comfortable with their bodies and accept others. Nudism is a central part of our family. Thanks Priscilla.

Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go bare, share & visit the archives.

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